Magnetic Focusing of Composite Fermions through Arrays of Cavities

J. H. Smet, D. Weiss, R. H. Blick, G. Lütjering, K. von Klitzing, R. Fleischmann, R. Ketzmerick, T. Geisel, G. Weimann
1996 Physical Review Letters  
The magnetoresistance R xx was investigated in arrays of abutted square cavities with lengths L ranging from 500 nm to 1.2 mm near filling factor n 1͞2. Maxima in R xx occur for effective magnetic field values satisfying the magnetic focusing condition between the cavity spacing and the cyclotron radius of composite fermions, also for the effective magnetic field direction when composite fermions are deflected in the direction opposite to that of electrons. The experimental data are compared
more » ... h simulation results based on a quasiclassical dynamics of composite fermions in soft potentials. [S0031-9007(96)
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.77.2272 pmid:10061902 fatcat:gvfz5dmm3jfn3cteqtfnt4pxbm