Contrastive study of laser ablation and electrolysis treatment in trichiasis

Xu Chen, Li-Hui Wen, Lei Zhan, Jun Wang
誗AIM: To assess the effect and safety of laser ablation and electrolysis treatment in treating trichiasis. 誗 METHODS: Fifty cases (76 eyes) of trichiasis patients were divided into two groups and treated with laser ablation and electrolysis treatment. Post-operative stimulation signs, complications and recurrence were recorded in following 6mo. 誗RESULTS: The first-time success rate of laser ablation was 81% , recurrence rate 19% and total success rate 94%. The first-time success rate of
more » ... ess rate of electrolysis treatment was 49% , recurrence rate 63% and total success rate 72%. There were significant differences in the rate of first-time success, recurrence and total success between two groups (P < 0. 05). There were fewer symptoms, complications and no scar in patients with laser ablation. After electrolysis treatment, scar occurred in 5 eyes. 誗CONCLUSION: Laser ablation in treating trichiasis has the advantage of fewer symptoms, complications and high curative rate, and it is an effective and safe clinical promotion. 誗