Fünffach koordinierte Zirkonium(IV)-Komplexe mit der (η-C5H5)2ZrIV-Baueinheit. Die Struktur von (η-C5H5)2Zr(CF3SO3)2(THF) / Five Coordinate Zirconium(IV) Complexes with the (η-C5H5)2ZrIV Unit. The Structure of (η-C5H5)2Zr(CF3SO3)2(THF)

Ulf Thewalt, Wiltraud Lasser
1983 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Bis(η-cyclopentadienyl)tetrahydrofuran-bis(trifluoromethanesulfonato)zirconium(IV), (η-C5H5)2Zr(CF3SO3)2(THF), has been prepared by reaction of (η-C5H5)2ZrCl2 with AgCF3SO3 in tetrahydrofuran. Crystal data: Orthorhombic, Pnma, a = 15.890(5), b = 13.319(4), c = 10.376(3) Å, Z = 4. An X-ray analysis shows that the complex has a five-coordinate bent metallocene structure. The geometry of the (η-C5H5)2Zr moiety (length of the vectors between Zr and the C5 ring centroids: 2.203 and 2.214 Å, angle
more » ... ween these vectors: 128.1°, angle between C5 ring normals: 127.8°) agrees with that of four-coordinate (η-C5H5)2ZrX2 compounds. The metal bonded O atoms of the three additional ligands lie nearly in a plane bisecting the plane of the C5H5 ligands, the THF group being symmetrically flanked by CF3SO3 ligands.
doi:10.1515/znb-1983-1130 fatcat:uytaotbhpffgpbduhwgmcitdhe