Special Features of Technogenic Bottom Sediments Impact on the Water Bodies Mercury Pollution Character

A.V. Bogomolov, V.Y. Filatov, M.S. Dyakov, E.M. Khodyasheva, M.B. Khodyashev
2020 Water sector of Russia: problems, technologies, management  
The article studies the impact of mercury-containing bottom sediments on the pollution of the surface water body – the Elkhovka River, which for a long time was affected by the enterprises of the Kirovo-Chepetsk industrial hub, to assess the possibility of ensuring the standard water quality in the Elkhovka River.Based on the data obtained as a result of determination of the mercury content in water samples, bottom sediments and measurements of the second-long water flow in the Elokhovka River
more » ... he Elokhovka River along the watercourse length calculation of the mercury migration processes in the "water-bottom sediments" system has been carried out. 105 Water Sector of ruSSiascientific/practical journal No 5, 2020 г.It has been established that the decisive role in the formation of pollution belongs to migration processes in the system «water – bottom sediments», and the bottom sediments themselves have a dominant effect on the pollution of the Elkhovka River with mercury in c onc ent r at ion s e xc e e d i n g M P C i n fi s her y w at er. M i g r at ion of merc u r y f rom b ot t om s e d i ment s in the Elkhovka river riverbed in the coming years will not allow to ensure the standard water quality (MPC in fishery water) in the water body. A possible solution to this problem may be the laying of a new river channel with subsequent reclamation of the old channel.
doi:10.35567/1999-4508-2020-5-6 fatcat:fnmq3t5dlzeh3dx5og2co7c6ui