A Study of Traditional Motifs in the Context of Digitalization

Yun Xia Zeng, Li Gu
2022 Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research   unpublished
The lion motif was the earliest animal heraldic motif to emerge, and its stylized postures are the richest of all heraldic motifs. After the lion was introduced to China, lion motifs developed, and lion art was localized in China, with early lions in caves, lions in murals, lion motifs in gold and silver, lion brocades, porcelain lion motifs and other forms of folk lion art gradually coming to the fore. This paper will analyze the different uses of lion prints in gold and silverware, weaving,
more » ... ulpture and furniture, explore the history of the localization of lion prints and interpret lion prints from multiple perspectives. The current rapid development of the internet and big data provides new technologies and forms for the inheritance and development of traditional prints, which will be displayed to the public through modern digital technology in their typical forms and most essential meanings. The traditional patterns will be presented to the public in their typical form and most essential meaning through modern digital technology.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.220706.130 fatcat:62aax4vjy5aulhdlklcg7xqhuu