Nursing Clinical Education Challenges

Aliafsari Mamaghani, Aliafsari Mamaghani
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and Objective:The Clinical education in nursing education is the main component in which students learn the nursing skills and professional nursing. This study aimed to identify clinical nursing education challenges and provide the appropriate solutions based on the studies conducted in Iran. Materials and Methods: This review study conducted by searching the available databases include google scholar ,SID,Science Direct ,Proquest ,CINAHL,PubMed Within the past ten years (2005-2015) in which 27
more » ... 5-2015) in which 27 articles were eligible for review and the problems and challenges in nursing education in Iran were discussed. Results: The clinical education is composed of an instructor, students, staff and management, that each of them has its own importance. The scientific, practical and emotional weaknesses in clinical instructors, students' low motivation, lack of facilities and equipment in the clinical setting, inappropriate staff cooperation and behavior with the instructor and student and poor management, lack of planning and coordination between the parts can be noted as current clinical challenges. Conclusion: In order to have a professional and competent nurses the need to have a strong clinical education is undeniable. To have a strong clinical education its necessary to have empowered clinical instructors, and motivated students, and committed and compassionate hospital staff with a dynamic management which seems to be very essential for having capable instructors considering lack of facilities and the type of view exist currently toward the nursing profession .