Oil spill discrimination of multi-time-domain shipborne radar images using active contour model

Jin Xu, Xinxiang Pan, Xuerui Wu, Baozhu Jia, Juan Fei, Haixia Wang, Bo Li, Can Cui
2021 Geoscience Letters  
AbstractAccidental oil spills cause serious pollution to the ocean and are difficult to control in short time. It is an important guarantee for emergency disposal to effectively monitor oil spills. Remote sensing is the main means to monitor oil spills. High false alarm rate has been an important bottleneck of this technology. In this paper, a multi-time-domain shipborne radar images discrimination mechanism was proposed. Based on the improved Sobel operator, Otsu and linear interpolation, the
more » ... interpolation, the co-frequency interference noises were detected and suppressed. Gray intensity correction model (GICM) and dual-threshold method were used to eliminate highlighted continuous pixels. Oil films were extracted by using an active contour model (ACM). Finally, a multi-time-domain discrimination mechanism based on variation range tolerance of identified oil films centroids was designed to reduce the false alarm rate. It can provide technical support for decision-making and emergency response.
doi:10.1186/s40562-021-00178-8 fatcat:zsectpdpjrgifg7qsbyvhnl6za