Evaluation of the "Information of Pharmaceutical Care for Inpatients" by Hospital Pharmacists when Inpatients Move to the Other Medical Facilities after Discharge

Yuki Ito, Tetsuo Ando, Tsutomu Yanagi, Toshitaka Nabeshima, Toshiharu Arakawa
2001 Iryo Yakugaku (Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences)  
When inpatients are transferred to other medical facilities after discharge, we often have inquiries regarding patient medications from the medical staff of medical facilities or community pharmacies. To pharmacists of medical facilities and community pharmacies,"Information of pharmaceutical care for inpatients" was issued by hospital pharmacists when patients were discharged. The"Information" included the pharmaceutical care records: any adverse reaction history, medical history in admission,
more » ... the final prescription at discharge and so on. A questionnaire survey evaluating the"Information" to pharmacists of medical facilities and community pharmacies was carried out by mail from April 1998 to March 1999. The response rate was 85. 1 % (80/94): 26 were from pharmacists, 53 from physicians and one from a nurse. All of the pharmacists evaluated the"Information" as useful, good and understandable. The physicians evaluated as follows: 46/53; 45/53; and 44/ 53, respectively. They indicated that the greatest necessity was the adverse reaction history, the prescription at discharge and the pharmaceutical care course. These results showed that the"Information" from hospital pharmacists to the pharmacists was generally considered to be good. It is necessary to improve the "Information" from hospital pharmacists to the other medical staffs because there are few clinical pharmacists and many doctors receive "Information" from hospital pharmacists. It is therefore improvement to provide consistent and appropriate medications to assist hospital pharmacists, the medical staff of medical facilities and community pharmacies by sharing accurate patient information with them.
doi:10.5649/jjphcs.27.167 fatcat:q5n4oglbfzbrrhwpknaautqkka