Command Fusion Based Mobile Robot Tracking by Distributed Vision System of Robotic Space

Taeseok Jin
2014 International Journal of Control and Automation  
The Robotic Space is able of obtaining information from the observed world where many intelligent sensing and tracking devices, such as computers and multi sensors, are distributed. According to the cooperation of many intelligent devices, the environment, it is very important that the system knows the location information to offer the useful services. In order to achieve these goals, we suggest a method for representing, tracking and human following by fusing distributed multiple vision
more » ... in Robotic Space. And the article presents the integration of color distributions into SOM(Self Organizing Map) based particle filtering. We propose to track the moving objects by generating hypotheses not in the image plan but on the top-view reconstruction of the scene. Comparative results on real video sequences show the advantage of our method for multi-motion tracking. Experiments are carried out to evaluate the proposed performance.
doi:10.14257/ijca.2014.7.5.23 fatcat:npba54roh5aj7ouym62zvhvha4