A Calculation Method of Nuclear Cross-Sections of Proton Beams by the Collective Model and the Extended Nuclear-Shell Theory with Applications to Radiotherapy and Technical Problems

W. Ulmer, E. Matsinos
2012 Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics  
An analysis of total nuclear cross-sections of various nuclei is presented, which yields detailed knowledge on the different physical processes such as potential/resonance scatter and nuclear reactions. The physical base for potential/resonance scatter and the threshold energy resulting from Coulomb repulsion of nuclei are collective/oscillator models. The part pertaining to the nuclear reactions can only be determined by the microscopic theory (Schrödinger equation and strong interactions).
more » ... g interactions). The physical impact is the fluence decrease of proton beams in different media, the stopping power of secondary particles, and a 'translation' of the results of the microscopic theory to the collective model.
doi:10.5923/j.jnpp.20120203.04 fatcat:sicloyxvhfbqbma2v4ckpwp2gm