Impact of Electronic Service Quality on Customers Satisfaction of Islamic Banks in Jordan

Sulieman Ibraheem Shelash AL-HAWARY, Warda Fares AL-SMERAN
2017 International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences  
The study aimed to study impact Banks in Jordan. Regarding the dimensions of reliability and effectiveness, the study indicates that they had insignificant impact on Customers Satisfaction. The researcher recommended the use of specialists in the field of electronic sites design in particular, because the site attractiveness needs experience sufficient experience in this area to support its attractiveness for customers, and to benefit from the experiences of the developed countries in the field
more » ... of software technology control and protection of customer information, in order to strengthen current Software application to those banks. , the digital revolution that was changed from traditional marketing practices, and contributed to the improvement of marketing activities, and the exploitation of the opportunities and challenges, information and communications technology became the fundamental criterion which is measured by the degree of progress of nations in the twenty-first century. Past years have witnessed widespread if internet network and it became possible for direct interaction from anywhere and anytime at low cost, global market transformed towards concrete market to market. cognitive explosion was the reason for many websites and online services, it became necessary attention to electronic service quality in the light of global competitiveness so stay for the best, e-service quality make buy and sell through website easier, and deliver the services and products with high efficiency, and is also the navigation efficiency, and increase the size of the data and information provided to the customer. Electronic service quality concept is still new and controversial among in the field of marketing services for the difficulty in measuring the quality of service, because they are things that are difficult for consumer to evaluate compared to goods, prior to 1985, there were only a limited number of studies on the quality of service concepts and its dimensions without address and evaluate methods of measurement, where attributed the first attempt to measure the quality of service to Parasuraman and others, regarding the electronic service quality, e-marketing literature lacked clear concepts (AlHawary and Toahir, 2012), Electronic service concept As a result of living in an age of information technology (Mahmood, 2013; Marchica, 2004) and with the rapid growth of electronic commerce, and development of technology-based systems (Akinyele and Akinyele, 2008) there are two competing worlds: the visible physical world, and the electronic world of
doi:10.6007/ijarafms/v7-i1/2613 fatcat:fkkghq6ivbbh5hbzeyn475wfxq