Transfatty Acids (TFAs) in Cord Blood and Cord Tissue, in France

Claude Billeaud, Nicole Combe, Leslie Couedelo, Wafae Belcadi, Dominique Dallay, Jean-Joel Leng, Carole Vaysse
2017 Journal of Food Science and Engineering  
Recent studies suggest that dietary transfatty acids (TFAs) at relative high levels (i) increase the risk of coronary heart disease, (ii) inhibit the metabolism of linoleic acid and consequently increase requirement for essential fatty acids (EFAs). The aim of this prospective study was to estimate TFAs the placental transfer of TFAs to the foetus cord blood and cord tissues in France. Material: TFAs consumption was measured in 59 mother-foetus couples. TFAs transferring across the placenta
more » ... estimated by comparative measurement (Capillary Gaz Chromatography) of TFAs in mother's blood lipids (n = 59), cord blood lipids and cord tissue plasma lipids (n = 25) cord red blood tissue (n = 25) and umbilical vessels (n = 15). Results-Discussion: TFA deposition in cord blood is 0.58% slightly lower than mother level. TFAs incorporation in total lips of cord show selectivity of transfer with lower 18:1 t in cord blood and preferential transfer of diene 18:2 tc in cord blood. There is competition between the 18:2 tc in cholesterol esters (CE) with the linolenic acid and a negative correlation in PLT of arterial tissues with the 18:2 tc and C20:4 n-6 or arachidonic acid (AA), then there is the same competition in PE of venous tissue. But there is no effect on growth in our population of term newborn. Conclusions: Our results confirm the placental TFAs transfer, a better incorporation in the fetus CE; we demonstrated a selective transfer for the 18:2 9 trans 12 cis (18:2 tc) and a negative correlation (r = -0.76) with the linoleic acid and AA (r = 0.98). This competition, and the presence of these TFAs in cord tissues, even at a low TFAs consumption, remind us to be a potential risk for the fetus concerning EFA metabolism and growth.
doi:10.17265/2159-5828/2017.09.001 fatcat:7fsi7slc5reexbyja2pgok6dei