Noise analysis on integrated multisensor microsystems

A. Astaras, S.P. Beaumont, T.B. Tang, A.F. Murray, L. Wang, D.R.S. Cumming
Proceedings of IEEE Sensors, 2004.  
This paper presents an analysis of the noise propagated across the substrate and the electromagnetic contamination in a control chip for a wireless Lab-in-a-Pill. This chip integrates analogue, digital and radio frequency circuits monolithically to reduce the physical size, power consumption and packaging cost of the capsule. Several approaches to minimise noise effects were proposed and incorporated in a recently fabricated chip. Despite the presence of high frequency noise, the experimental
more » ... sults revealed that 8-b A/D conversion of the sensory signals was possible with a 3V power supply.
doi:10.1109/icsens.2004.1426340 fatcat:32q676mzonc7bfb7p6ybv6tpgm