Expanding Interlayer Spacing in MoS2 for Realizing an Advanced Supercapacitor [component]

DS) ┴ Authors contributed equally to this work Calculation of capacitance, energy and power densities for single electrode and ASC cell Areal capacitance (Ca, mF/cm 2 ) was calculated from the Cyclic voltammogram data using the equation: is the cathodic or anodic current; dt (s) is the time differential, ΔV (V) be the potential window, and a (cm 2 ) is the effective area of the individual redox active materials for single electrode measurements. From Galvanostatic charge-discharge data also,
more » ... harge data also, areal capacitance (Ca, mF/cm 2 ) values for the electrodes were calculated using equation: (2) a i t C a V   
doi:10.1021/acsenergylett.9b00983.s001 fatcat:6d7wntcmsfhvhcijt4llvyvzd4