The dependence of the appearance of the aircraft on the conditions of the Arctic basing

2019 INCAS Bulletin  
Positioning on the global political arena of the Arctic Territory as the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation requires, first of all, the development of a regional transport network, including cargo and passenger traffic for the sustainable development of the region. The solution of such a transportation problem is a compromise of the aircraft performance. The purpose of the article is to analyze and find out how dependent is the appearance of the aircraft on the conditions of
more » ... conditions of stationing in the Arctic. An analysis of the scientific and methodological support and well-known design solutions was carried out, which showed that to create a successful sample of the automatic part of the safety system, it is necessary to solve the FOS problem based on the solution of the inverse design problem from the inner layout of the aircraft .Mathematical dependences of the landing mass on the ice thickness were identified. The main stages of the transport operation in the Arctic were pointed. On the basis of the developed formal heuristic models, a subsystem of moment-inertial analysis has been created. The analysis of the research results showed that by 2050 the flight range will increase with a decrease in the landing mass.
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.s.11 fatcat:coxbtdebdzbnhnk2v6y3mkmkya