Effect Of Vitamin D Status On Invasive Electrophysiologic Parameters and Atrial Fibrillation Inducibility

Müjgan Tek, Basri Amasyalı, Mehmet Serkan Çetin, Aksüyek Savaş Çelebi, Erdem Diker, Berkten Berkalp
2019 Van Medical Journal  
Objectives: Deficiencies of Vitamin D (VitD) has been associated with coronary heart disease, hypertension and left ventricular hypertropy. However its effects on cardiac conduction system and atrial fibrillation (AF) predisposition have not been studied yet. In this study we aim to evaluate the effects of VitD on invasive electrophysiologic parameters and AF inducibility. Materials and Methods: This retrospective crosssectional study included 135 patients. Study population was divided into
more » ... as divided into three group as VitD sufficient, VitD insufficient and VitD deficient according to baseline vitD levels. Patients' invasive electrophysiologic parameter s and induced AF episodes were recorded. Results: Corrected sinus node recovery time, baseline cycle length, atrial-His interval, His-ventricular interval and Wenckebach cycle length were lengthened in vitD deficient group but they didn't reach statistical significance. The rate of AF inducibility was twice as likely in VitD deficient group than sufficient group, however, it also didn't reach statistical significance. Conclusion: Baseline VitD levels were not associated with cardiac electrophysiologic parameters and AF inducibility. To demonstrate the role of VitD in cardiac conduction system and AF inducibility thoroughly, further studies such as addressing VitD replacement are warranted.
doi:10.5505/vtd.2019.79847 fatcat:ezbdsavgsbh75pckzzrnqjijya