How Government Provide Legal Protection for Trade Secrets?

Idul Hanzah Alid, Lailasari Ekaningsih
2020 Journal of Law and Legal Reform  
Trade secret is a factor in the creation of innovation for a company to maintain its presence in the community. PT. CPM must identify information that is considered confidential trade before making attempts of legal protection of such information, because not all corporate information can be regarded as a trade secret. The identification is done by providing criteria for confidential information such as information that is not known by the public, has economic value, giving a loss if the
more » ... tion leaked and stolen. So PT. CPM has two attempts of legal protection of trade secrets. First, preventively is to have rules and regulations and written agreements between the parties relating to trade secret information PT. CPM. Second, repressive of protecting end to the measures for violations occurred. In case of violation, PT. CPM will solve the problem amicably. If it fails, then the next action to decide the employment of actors and reported to the authorities. Companies better make a written agreement between the parties in advance and posted to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights in order to ensure the protection of the company's trade secrets.
doi:10.15294/jllr.v1i2.35420 fatcat:kkzant5kovf3jfyfgelu75ltjy