Some New Families of Mean Graphs

S K Vaidya, Lekha Bijukumar
2010 Journal of Mathematics Research  
We contribute some new results for mean labeling of graphs. It has been proved that the graphs obtained by the composition of paths P m and P 2 denoted by P m [P 2 ], the square of path P n and the middle graph of path P n admit mean labeling. We also investigate mean labeling for some cycle related graphs. (2) The edge label q can be produced only when the vertices having labels q and q − 1 are adjacent in G. Main Results Theorem-2.1: The composition of paths P m and P 2 denoted as P m [P 2 ]
more » ... oted as P m [P 2 ] admits mean labeling except for m = 2. Proof: Let u 1 ,u 2 ,. . . , u m be the vertices of the path P m and v 1 ,v 2 be the vertices of path P 2 . The composition P m [P 2 ] consists of 2m vertices, can be partitioned into two sets T
doi:10.5539/jmr.v2n3p169 fatcat:tkc2p2uljbcovbwfuqdix6khrm