Comparative Study on the Recorded and Analyzed Response of Ohnaruto Bridge due to Hyogo-Ken-Nambu Earthquake

1999 Kou kouzou rombunshuu  
The seismic response of the Ohnaruto Bridge due to Hyogo-ken-nambu Earthquake(1995) was recorded. Time history response analysis for the 3-dimensional superstructure model was carried out inputting the measured acceleration on the substructure. The analyzed deflection wave was compared with the measured one, applying the Fourier transform. The most part of analyzed deflection waves fairly resembled to the measured one. However, typical discrepancy between the measured and the analyzed value was
more » ... found on the vertical deflection at the midpoint of stiffening girder. The measured deflection value was mainly composed with symmetrical bending mode accompanied by torsional mode. Nevertheless, the symmetrical bending mode was hardly found on the analyzed deflection.
doi:10.11273/jssc1994.6.22_41 fatcat:d6utbkpuejav7eaj4fvgv7luri