Hani Youssef, Hani Sa`ad Ahmad, Mohammad Khalil
2021 Journal of Al-Azhar University Engineering Sector  
Heritage is the real show of human life and culture. The architectural heritage in the overall sense is the material heritage that contains a cultural, artistic and creative aesthetic or functional value, and reflects the origins and rules which a civilization was built on, and how the perceptions of its societies and what was its philosophy in the measures of their sciences and coexistence. Therefore, this legacy of the ancestors needs to those who reconsider it and its importance, by spotting
more » ... light on the problems that threaten its continuity. This will only come by encompassing all its components, and also reviewing how it can make it one of the foundations for achieving sustainable development, and one of the poles of the economy by integrating it into the core of its concerns Progressive programs, projects and technology that the state is betting on achieving. Therefore, this research paper focuses on finding a methodology for the documentation processes related to the vocabulary of Islamic elements (Arches and the use of some vocabulary as a model for applying that Technology), starting with defining the architectural style and the optimal way to preserve information and add data so that these vocabulary can be used to facilitate the preservation and development processes for many Buildings of heritage Islamic architecture, in particular, in addition to the general interest for scholars and those interested in the vocabulary of architectural heritage, as well as extracting architectural drawings from Plans, facades, Sections, quantities, Schedules, etc., for all architectural and construction requirements.
doi:10.21608/auej.2021.207707 fatcat:cydpwsbxx5e55nz2ltp4fk6h2m