Resource Loss as Predictor of the Way Farmers Cope with Drought: A Structural Model Approach

K Zarafshani, Gh Zamani, M Gorgievski-Duijvesteijn, M Goodarzi
2007 J. Agric. Sci. Technol   unpublished
This survey-study carried out among 360 randomly selected farmers living in drought-prone areas of Fars Province, Iran, set out to investigate the perceptions and psychological coping strategies of farmers when facing drought. Results showed that farmers perceived drought as a threat to all of their resources (material, conditions, personal, social and energies) and used emotion-focused and reactive problem-focused coping strategies rather than problem-focused strategies that require planning
more » ... require planning and being innovative to counteract its psychological consequences. Using structural equations modeling (SEM), relationships between perceived resource loss and the way farmers cope with drought were tested. Problem-focused coping was predicted by a greater loss of objects (e.g., yield, work utilities, land) and personal resources (e.g. motivation, patience and self-efficacy), but a smaller loss of energies (e.g. time and money). Predictors of emotion-focused coping were a greater loss of objects and energies, but smaller losses of condition and personal resources. The implications for educational interventions are discussed.