1897 The Lancet  
1059 this method. The great objection seems to be that the witness has to repeat the words and stand in a more or less constrained attitade, thus making himself very conspicuous. This to a man of a nervous or retiring temperament acts as a deterrent. Again, the time occupied is considerably greater than with the ordinary oath." Our correspondent concludes by asking if it would not be possible for the clerk to repeat the words of the English oath and for the witness to assent to them, not by
more » ... to them, not by kissing the book, but by raising the hand. This, we think, is a very good suggestion, but it would be at the present moment illegal.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)46510-4 fatcat:6j5myigejfgsfco27m2hfvyjlu