Intestinal Bacterial Flora and Urea Cycle

Atsushi OZAWA, Sadaaki SAWAMURA, Takeyori SAHEKI, Tsunehiko KATSUNUMA, Masanori KAI, Nobuhiko OHNISHI
1987 Bifidobacteria and Microflora  
Rearing rats on low-and high-protein diets yielded no difference in the level of hepatic ammonia while urea production was assessed at a higher level in the high-protein diet group. The appearance of a large number of ammonia-producing nonsporeforming anaerobic bacteria in the jejunum of the rats reared on a high-protein diet seems to imply that the hepatic urea cycle was stimulated by the bacteria enhancing the generative reaction from ammonia to urea. These results are significant when viewed
more » ... as the probable indication of the integral ecological function of intestinal flora in the homeostatic regulation mechanism, taking the regulation of the urea cycle as one example.
doi:10.12938/bifidus1982.6.1_15 fatcat:qjmxex54obfoxfxrhy63jsx3pe