METRO: A Software-Hardware Co-Design of Interconnections for Spatial DNN Accelerators [article]

Zhao Wang, Guangyu Sun, Jingchen Zhu, Zhe Zhou, Yijiang Guo, Zhihang Yuan
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Tiled spatial architectures have proved to be an effective solution to build large-scale DNN accelerators. In particular, interconnections between tiles are critical for high performance in these tile-based architectures. In this work, we identify the inefficiency of the widely used traditional on-chip networks and the opportunity of software-hardware co-design. We propose METRO with the basic idea of decoupling the traffic scheduling policies from hardware fabrics and moving them to the
more » ... e level. METRO contains two modules working in synergy: METRO software scheduling framework to coordinate the traffics and METRO hardware facilities to deliver the data based on software configurations. We evaluate the co-design using different flit sizes for synthetic study, illustrating its effectiveness under various hardware resource constraints, in addition to a wide range of DNN models selected from real-world workloads. The results show that METRO achieves 56.3% communication speedup on average and up to 73.6% overall processing time reduction compared with traditional on-chip network designs.
arXiv:2108.10570v1 fatcat:b5od3uzu7reknnrm6lx3ie35hy