Probing ultrafast spin dynamics with high-harmonic magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy

F. Willems, C. T. L. Smeenk, N. Zhavoronkov, O. Kornilov, I. Radu, M. Schmidbauer, M. Hanke, C. von Korff Schmising, M. J. J. Vrakking, S. Eisebitt
2015 Physical Review B  
Magnetic circular dichroism in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectral range is a powerful technique for element-specific probing of magnetization in multicomponent magnetic alloys and multilayers. We combine a high-harmonic generation source with a λ/4 phase shifter to obtain circularly polarized XUV femtosecond pulses for ultrafast magnetization studies. We report on simultaneously measured resonant magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) of Co and Ni at their respective M 2,3 edges and of Pt at its
more » ... O edge, originating from interface magnetism. We present a time-resolved MCD absorption measurement of a thin magnetic Pt/Co/Pt film, showing simultaneous demagnetization of Co and Pt on a femtosecond time scale.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.220405 fatcat:h6xpcki6efg6rfkfiqmekrd3oi