A. Makarynska, N. Vorona
2020 Zernovì Produkti ì Kombìkorma  
The article describes that domestic feed products cannot always compete with high quality products of foreign firms. However, the use of imported feed leads to a significant increase in their value and, as a consequence, to an increase in the cost price of the final product. It is established that for the normal development and realization of productivity, turkeys should receive quality and balanced for all indicators of compound feed. Therefore, the task was to develop recipes for turkeys
more » ... es for turkeys using high quality domestic raw materials. The necessity to determine the complete components characteristics of compound feeds for the finished products production, which meets the requirements of regulatory documents and the consumer, has been proved. There are many indicators and factors that are not taken into account when calculating recipes, but significantly affect the compound feed quality. We have developed compound feed recipes for heavy type turkeys aged 1...4 weeks, 5...13 weeks, 14...17 weeks, 18...30 weeks and over 31 weeks using the "Korm Optima Expert" software complex. The program incorporates the principle of calculating recipes at minimum cost, taking into account the restrictions on the input of each component and the nutrition of the finished product using linear programming by formulas. The expediency of replacing soybean meal in poultry feed due to its high cost for cheaper protein components is substantiated. In order to reduce the cost of compound feed, we have proposed the optimal composition of protein feed additive (PFA) for replacement soybean meal in feed recipes. On the basis of the developed recipes of compound feeds for heavy type turkeys we calculated similar recipes of compound feeds with replacement of soybean meal for PFA in their composition according to the norms of its introduction The quality indicators of finished products are in compliance with the minimum nutritional requirements of compound feeds for heavy type turkeys of a given age. The cost of compound feeds with PFA is much lower than similar with soybean meal. We determined the annual feed consumption of turkeys by growing periods based on the daily feed intake and the duration of each fattening period.
doi:10.15673/gpmf.v19i4.1592 fatcat:34a3hm74pnhxzay3rbxmbrshyy