Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Xanthopoulos Nikolaos, Gissis Ioannis, Papadopoulos Christos, Komsis Stergios, Bekris Evangelos
2013 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ® (JPES)   unpublished
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship of mechanical properties between vertical squat jump (SJ) and the concentric isokinetic test (Isokinetic Shortening Cycle) in three angle isokinetic dynamometer, where involved the total of kinematic chain of lower extremities (H-K-A), to check the possibility of using deliberate training loads. The sample was 18 students of Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences (TEFAA, Serres), (age M=19,78years, sd=1,63, height M=178,06cm,
more » ... height M=178,06cm, sd=5,99 and weight M=74,42Kg, sd=8,54) without problems of wounds. The research took place in the Laboratory of Sport Biomechanics of TEFAA Serres of AUTh. For the methodology of measurement was used: a) Forceplate Kistler (type 9281CA), (frequency of sampling 1000Hz) β) Videocamera, type Panasonic AG-188 (frequency of sampling, 60f/sec). For the evaluation of kinematic, dynamic characteristics used the APAS system (Ariel Performance Analysis System). In order the results of correlation the test of ISSC could be considered as an appreciable test for the measurement of dynamic and power variables. Another one important application could appear to present in the process of training.