Time Management ‒ as One of the Management Methods in Banking Institutions

2018 Social Economics  
The science of time-management is important element in the modern world of transformations and innovations. Time is a priority key of high result. The article includes definition of time-management and its role in the modern methods of work organization. In addition, the article tell us about elements the modern time-management model. There are methods for analyzing current tasks priorities and planning working day, such as: «Eisenhower's matrix» and «ABC-analysis». The ability to control
more » ... t and strategic goals, defined by the time, is one of the main objectives of effective management. A manager who has skills in managing such as resource as time receives the maximum benefit from his work in the future. Authors of the article made a scheme for achieving goals, based on current methods of time-management. This scheme is advisable to introduce in a banking institutions. The scheme can be adjusted for the particular work of any employee, depend of staff's spending time for assignments. The matrix is an instrument to achieve the goals and analyses daily activity. It may help us to analyze which type of activity is more profitable and has insignificant costs of time. This matrix is always relevant and describes the problem of using personal time. Time is one of the most important and expensive manager's tool, especially in banking institutions. Therefore, success and effectiveness of actions is a result a good using time. The basic concepts, ideas and rules of time-management is always relevant for studding. One of the main keys to greater efficiency our work time are setting goals, choosing the right priorities and planning daily working time. So, limited time resurges are problem in the modern world, but time-management is instrument for overcome the human's problem of time. The article has all elements to improve manager's skills.
doi:10.26565/2524-2547-2018-56-13 fatcat:ptw3ldwymvgmlll6mqmxwlqafe