The potential of naturally occurring bacteria for the bioremediation of toxic metals pollution

Amit Vashishth, Nimisha Tehri, Pawan Kumar
2019 Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences  
An increase in industrialization and various kind of human activities added a huge amount of toxic heavy metals in the soil. As a result, toxic heavy metals in the environment may be adversely affects human being and aquatic ecosystem. Thus, it is very essential to understand mechanism of bioremediation through eco-friendly agent i.e. bacteria. Accumulation of high metal concentrations in soil above threshold limit causes lethal to bacterial communities in the environment. Few bacteria develop
more » ... esistance mechanism to tolerate these toxic heavy metals and contain various methods to respond the metal stress. The present review emphasizes to understand the mechanism of bacterial resistance against toxic metals. Moreover, mechanism of bioaugmentation, biosorption, and bioaccumulation methods also described clearly.
doi:10.21472/bjbs.061205 fatcat:i2iyv3yz2jhgnizrhyzodpksbq