Maryland Gazette August 1830

(:Unkn) Unknown
TIIRCB DOLLARS FBR ANNUM. MISCELLANEOUS. lit Lent* lft»> ' MtmlUy ttaguint, fr Jmt. FABHIOKABI.E KCLOGUKS, tfo. tenant Hit* Lena. HOI |-n to town, IhU ftprinjf, Psjwl Mammal not (O to town! . «» > . I never knew you ao utikind, Yoo chill me wW> that frown , " -My eweet M»m»a, indulge your pet, ' '" entreat Papa to fro Ah now I it t you're weeping too, \f« iliall succeed 1 kn»tr. . lima. Lom .. Atw? i»T ekild, I've clone my best, And*argued all day longi But men are alwaya obstinate,
more » ... cn wrongs Tit for my |irl I urn* me trip, ' Not for myaelC al*a! But "hen I Harriet! had I known-No matter let that past! Ma. Lone, sly dear you know that 1 abhor Theee ailly dlaconientii Tft.,'r» ouit* abmnli why don't you make The people pay their renit! I ca'nt afford to take a hou»e Nay, don'l put on ihat men For once be happy where you Off _____ We'll |_o to town naif yea*."~ " MIM Ijii*. Next year, Papa! nnt year, Mamew Yny know I'm thirly-tvo, (I call myself but twenty-tic, 80 Ihb I* tntrt nciM,) Nnlyetrl ihall be. I I've not a d*y to love. Oh, let ut ro to town at: I'm Ion if y«u refu Mat Tour conduct. Sir, it mntt iheuid, We went la*t yew In Junr, Bat Fanny had not a ftir chance. You look ut horn* ao toon i Sir Chttlta wat evidently tiruck, I'm turt he wnn'd have oopp'd* But then he aaw no more ot ui. Ami M ih* matter dropt. Ma. l^6«a. Tor title.n tprinict to town the went, Wlicn (own brgan lo (III, And -ixlrcn tumrnen the rrturn'd, A lining tp.MteratiU! Anil nnw the time* are very bad, And teiuntt tn trrrtr, De*rlotcl I really cin't »(Tonl To KO to lawn ihit year. Mat. l.oa*. Dear lore. Indeed! I ask you Sir. 11*4 any one man got One tingle ilipencc he can tparet I tntwrr, he haa nul. lei U Haul ton arrivala, Hill I »«e cacii neighbour', unniei K nlher panprrt j(a 1" town, Why eau'l we do ll,e nine. Miaa Lone. Bort nat ibe Oper. co»i»m lit cutionury universe ? B>" noi Ilie urovcauf Kentlngton .'i, happy radunl eyea > ihe i a. Ofcourte, my dear! you liny »ilh utf < Ma. Loia. Why, no, my love! not to, My dutWa Varli.menUry Fore* me, atatl IORO. Mat U»«. You can't afford a houtc In lowM Ma. Loa.. No,twaet>*i! tlielVtlh. rubi But I thai) alecp at Ual't > ou know. And din*, level at lit* Ulub. And ttlwn I think nr>le*p, one Innf knife, All him gt\ lor Qu'ckon, For (tun nral d>|r him ull liim wir< Tou link dit ffootl »ong, J«ekou" Chocko, chocko,' chattered the monkey, at if in answer. 'Ah, yon tink »o sensible honimall Whatiidttr Jackoo, come op, tir, don't you ice dat big thovel-noted fltn looking «t you? Pull your hand out of the water, I tell you.' The negro threw himself on the gammoning of the bowtprit to take hold of the poor ape, whn mistaking his kind intention, and ignorant of hit danger, shrunk from him, lost his hold, and fell into the sea. The hark insUn'.ly Mink to have a run, then dash' ed at his prey, raiting Ui* tnout over him, and (hooting ni* head and shoulder* three or four feet out of the water, with poor Jackoo ahrieking in hi* jaw*, whilst hi* small bone* crackled and cranchcd under the mooiter'* triple row of tcrtli. \Vhile this nmtll tragedy wat acting ant painful enough itwa* tu the kind hearted ne gro I wa* looking out toward* the eastern liorixun, watching the Brat dark-blue ripple u the eibreezc, wlicn a rushing noise pa**ed over my head. I looked up and taw a gallinato, the large carrion-crow uf the tropic*, tailing contrary to the hnbit* of it* kind, seaward over tne brig. I followed it with mv eye, until it vanithotl in the dittanee, when my attention wa» attracted by a dark speck far out in the lifting, with a tittle tiny white tail. With my glut* I made it out to be a ship'a buat, but I saw no one on board, and the tall waa idly flappiug about the matt. On making my report I wat deiired to pull toward* it in the |$ij;i aridas we approached, one of the crew tatdhe thought he aaw some one peering over the bow. ' we drew nearer, and I taw him distinctly. «>Vhy don't you haul tlie aheet tft, and come down tu u*, nrr' He neither moved nor autwered, but, at the boat ruke and fell on the uliort aea, raised by the flrtt of the breeze, the face kept mopping and mowing at u* over the gunwale. I will aoon teach you manner*, my fine fellow! give wtv, men' and 1 fired my mut ket, when the c'cow that I liad seen, rote from the boat into the tir. but immediately alighted again, to our tttoniihment, vulture-like, with of the dead boy. At thi* initant we beard a g ibbering noise, and taw something like a indie of old rag* roll out from beneath the ttern-aheet, ana apparently make a fruitless attempt to drive the galinas* from it* prey Haven and earth, what an object met otfr eyetl It was t full-grown man, bat «o waited, that one of t'ie uoy* liftexl him by hitMU and with one hand. Hi* k'teei were drfMtap to hii chin, hichatii!* were like the talonfWmllird, while the falli tg in at hi* ckocolite^ujr»d and withered fjat.ire* give an unhealthy relief to Itia fjrehea !, over wiiSch the homy and transparent skin «4« butx-d so tightly that it eemeil ready to crack. Bat in the midit of this desolation, his deep-set-coal-black eyes sparkled like two diamond* with the fever of his suffering*} there wa* a fearful fascination in their fU»hing*, contrasted with the deathlike atpect of the face aad rigidity of the frtme. When sensible of o«r presence he tried to (peak, b«r( could only utter a low moaning ou.nu1 . At length 'Jlgva, agmal' -we had not a drup oT water in the boat 'Elmnchaefu} etta morirn-lo dt ieJ-ogua.' We grot on board, and the inrgeon gave the poor fellow *ome weak tepid grog, it acted like magic. He gradually uncoiled himself, his voice, from being weak and husky, t*came comparatively clear. '£/ Hiro-Jlgita para miptiirillo-'N-i It hnerpaia mi <7A, ta nokflt paiada, la nocln pain lal1 He waa told to cnmpo*e himself, and that hi* boy would be taken cu*> of. 'fitfa wi* virts tnionctt, ol Dial, Dfia me vtrlt'-«nd he crawled grovelling on hi* chest, like a crushed worm across the deck, ontil he got hi* head over the nor sill, and looked down into the boat. Hn there twIii-lil the pale face of hi* derl ion; it wa* the lait object he ever *aw «jfy de mP h< groaiie\J heavily and dropped hi* face again* the ship's side he was dead. lilackuuof, Magazine, hour for expresaes, and two fur jog trot journeys with a yoke of oxen fur heavy loads I' I go fur beast* of burdeni it i* ranre primitiv*and scriptural, and suits a moral and religions neopte better. None of your hop, tkip awl'i Jump whimsies fur r*e.? -ofte-A certain lecturer on intsntpertDce, who lias attained to celebrity,' id his vocation lately waited on (he minister of a populous, parish, snd requested the use of hit church tu deliver a lecture to the people. The minister stated his determination, and his reason* fur declining to grant this for any other thau purposes purely religious but, tu show the applicant that he had no personal grudge towai-di him, he proposed to give him the '*f**kioti o' the hnnte." A cate of bottle* wat pro*, duced, containing varlou* liquor** and the) ecturer wa* desired to choose and help him-*-' elf, hi* ho*t letting (he example. The fe#-r m'er could not be prevailed upon to taste «r' laltiilc1. but he urunk off no less than three 'all tumbler* of water pure from the iprin*, upon which the Rev. Sexagenarian *hr«w4ly obcerved: 'My certie, lad, gin ye hadna b*»u nt tumothing ttrongcr than water la*t night. It mv opinion ye wadna hte been fashed wi' sic alwwin' druuth Ihit morniru' Ptrtk O_)» The fallowing line* were copied from a paper attached to a post near a trough of water, placed for the accommodation of travellers la lie town of Homer, state of N. Y. Come travellar, slake thy parching thirst, And drive away dull caret Thot* ne*d*»tnot broach thy little puree, Kof"r*j«;fre_> asair! My source "is OH the uountaifilvw. My course it to the »e*» .Then drink tilt *ou. art tatitOtd, Yea^ drink, for I am free.
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