Optimization of waqf land management in Indonesia

Elza Syarief
2021 International Journal of Research In Business and Social Science  
The purpose of this research is to find out what is meant by donated land, how is the existence of the waqf land and how to study the law of the waqf land and how to optimize the management of the donated land in Indonesia. The object of this research is related to the understanding and meaning of the donated land by the Muslim community in general and especially the Muslim community in Indonesia, which is the majority population. This study uses a literature study research approach,
more » ... pproach, theoretical studies using descriptive analysis methods. The results show that the revitalization of the management of waqf land in Indonesia is a very important and urgent agenda at this time. This can be done through the waqf land certification program based on information and communication technology, making an agreement on wakaf fiqh related to the productivity of the waqf land, implementing modern concepts of waqf land management based on Islamic legal principles, and supported by reliable and professional human resources of waqf institutions. is a challenge and an opportunity for Indonesia to make a big leap as the center of waqf in the world. A strong factor to support this goal is the relatively large availability and the existence of waqf land, the majority of Indonesia's population is Muslim, and the laws and regulations related to land and waqf land tend to be sufficient enough so that collaboration is needed. that is more integrated among the waqf land stakeholders in Indonesia
doi:10.20525/ijrbs.v10i2.1076 fatcat:3yttheneajewvnstoer2xzabkq