Scaling laws for positron production in laser–electron-beam collisions

T. G. Blackburn, A. Ilderton, C. D. Murphy, M. Marklund
2017 Physical Review A  
Showers of γ-rays and positrons are produced when a high-energy electron beam collides with a super-intense laser pulse. We present scaling laws for the electron beam energy loss, the γ-ray spectrum, and the positron yield and energy that are valid in the non-linear, radiation-reaction--dominated regime. As an application we demonstrate that by employing the collision of a >GeV electron beam with a laser pulse of intensity >5×10^21 Wcm^-2, today's high-intensity laser facilities are capable of
more » ... roducing O(10^4) positrons per shot via light-by-light scattering.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.022128 fatcat:n2ozlv56yzefre25hn43wiylde