Unsupervised sports video scene clustering and its applications to story units detection

Weigang Zhang, Qixiang Ye, Liyuan Xing, Qingming Huang, Wen Gao
2005 Visual Communications and Image Processing 2005  
In this paper, we present a new and efficient clustering approach for scene analysis in sports video. This method is generic and does not require any prior domain knowledge. It performs in an unsupervised manner and relies on the scene likeness analysis of the shots in the video. The two most similar shots are merged into the same scene in each iteration. And this procedure is repeated until the merging stop criterion is satisfied. The stop criterion is defined based on a J value which is
more » ... d according to the Fisher Discriminant Function. We call this method J-based Scene Clustering. By using this method, the low-level video content representation shots could be clustered into the midlevel video content representation scenes, which are useful for high-level sports video content analysis such as playbreak parsing, story units detection, highlights extraction and summarization, etc. Experimental results obtained from various types of broadcast sports videos demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed approach. Moreover, in this paper, we also present a simple application of our scene clustering method to story units detection in periodic sports videos like archery video, diving video and so on. The experimental results are encouraging. Keywords: Sports video analysis, unsupervised scene clustering, story units detection J will reach the maximum and is equal to 1.0. The smaller l J is, the more similar the shots within each scene cluster are. Actually, it is expected that both l J and the scene number are small. But in real situation, the value of l J will increase with the decreasing of scene number. As a tradeoff between l J and the scene number, we choose the point where l l k J is the smallest as the best merging stop point, which is shown in Fig. 3 . This is the defined stop criterion for the scene merging procedure. Here
doi:10.1117/12.631389 fatcat:r4u3sfgsdbbgtb4ughyjlkx6ca