Vegetation and Management of Tar Piles on Qatar Coastal Marshes

1996 Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Marine Sciences  
A BSTRACT . This pilot study was de cided to ass ess the problem o f oil pollution in Qat ar a nd o the r oil producing co untries a nd sug gest a man agement pro gramme for disp osing the co llected tar o r lessening the imp act of tar p ile accumul ation by using flowe ring plant indicators . The vege ta tion in the dumping sites of ta r a nd othe r se a-bo rne materi als is used in field surv ey as bioindicator of tar po llutio n a nd natu ral recover y of polluted sites . The ph ytom on
more » ... The ph ytom on itoring results indi cat ed that recovery of polluted landscape can be quit e rapid und er managed clean-up a nd rest or ati on techn iques . Th e following prelim inar y plant spec ies list is suggested to be used in natural reco ver y a nd rest or at ion of polluted sites: A eloropus lagopoides, A izoon canariense , Anabasis ole(ifera, Cyp erus cong lom eratus , Fagon ia o valij olia, Herniari a hemist emo n, Launuea procumbens, Oligom eris subulata, Reichardia tingtuna , Salsola baryosma , Schan ginia aegyptiaca , Senecio desj onta inei , Zygophllum quatarense a nd Z yg ophylium simp /ex . T o facilit at e natural plant in vasion and rest or ation o f tar piles , the dumping sites mu st ha ve plant co mmunities with high species diversity and hig h percent age of annu al plants . Depending on sandtar ratio in the pile s . a rtificial see d ing of se lec ted plant species ca n be appli ed by usin g species mixes o r single spec ies see d ing. Managem ent co nside ra tio ns a re sugge ste d to opt imize the natural recovery a nd restoration of tar affecte d coastal marshes.
doi:10.4197/mar.7-1.6 fatcat:3asazbbb6nhdxmu7aoehvubl4i