Textural properties of prepared alumina, stania and iron oxide catalysts

Galal Elmanfe
Aluminum, Iron and Tin oxides were prepared by precipitation method using ammonia solution. The prepared gels were dried and calcined for three hours at 873 K to give the appropriate metal oxides Al2O3, Fe2O3 and SnO2. These samples have been characterized by means of nitrogen adsorption at 77 K. Textural data obtained from N2 adsorption show that alumina has higher surface area than other oxides indicating the presence of small particle size in alumina samples. Moreover, these oxides have
more » ... porosity ranging from micro and mesopores. The analysis of t- and αS curves shows the agreement between the values of specific surface area, SBET, St and SS.
doi:10.54172/mjsc.v29i1.265 fatcat:id2elbrdrjbx7m4zi27x2667ua