Kennedy to • arrIVe at 5 p.m

Gary Daily, Egyptian Starr, Writer Sen, Kennedy, Diane Daily, Egyptian Writer
1974 unpublished
will participate in a question and answer session with SIU students at 5 p.m. Friday in Shryock Auditoriwn. Kennedy , D · Mass. . is appearing in Carbondale on behalf o[ Paul Simon 's campaign [or Congress. He will attend Simon 's S50-a-plate fund raising dinner in tbe Student Center. Kennedy wiU hold a press conference after the session. Gov. Dan Walker. Lt. Gov. Neil Hartigan, and Rep. Kenneth Gray. D-West Frankfort , also will attend the dinner. Gray is retiring from Congress after 2J)
more » ... Simon is running against Val Oshel, R-Harrisburg. to fill Gray 's seal which becomes vacant in January. Kennedy was considered by many as ~~~~?Se~~?adli~~~t~;l~~~ Pne~9~~~a~~~ announced last week he would not seek the office. He said his reasons for declining are personal. Reasons Kennedy cited are the illness of his ('NO sons, his wife's emotional stress and hi s responsibility as leader of the Kennedy famil y since his two brothers were assasinated. He denounced notions that Chap· paquidick had anyL~ing to do with his decision. At the press conference called to announce his decision Kennedy said he had answered all questions con· cerning the tragedy that took the lire o[ one of his secretaries, Mary Jo Kopechne. Kennedy also was the target o[ angry demonstrators in Boston last month (or his associa tion wi th federal busing plans. Boston has been the scene of civil disorder recently because o[ [ederally enforced busing. When Kennedy appeared at a public demonst ration he was chased from the podium by egg t hrowi ng parents. 'Daily ~gyptian