Solid phase reaction between components of the charge in the areas burning solid fuel and features of formation liquid phase

Мianovska Ya, Projdak Yu, Kamkina L, Ankudinov R, Babenko O, Кirichok V
2020 Theory and practice of metallurgy  
Objective. The influence of solid-phase reactions in the agglomerated charge layer on the quality of manganese ag-glomerate is considered. Research methodology. Thermodynamic analysis was used to establish the predominance of reactions. The phase (mineral) composition of manganese concentrates and the experimental agglomerate was investigated by X-ray diffraction method on a DRON-2 diffractometer in monochromatic Cuα radiation. The interplanar distances at the corresponding values of the X-ray
more » ... eflection intensity from the investigated samples of concentrates and agglomerate were determined by comparing the obtained data with the corresponding tabular data given in the reference books on X-ray diffraction analysis of substances. Sintering of the experimental agglomerate was performed on a laboratory agglomeration bowl. Research results. It is established that the dissociation of higher manganese oxides begins at relatively low temperatures and proceeds in stages to the formation of MnO. Since the chemical affinity of manganese for oxygen is significant, reduction to metallic Mn was not observed, as this requires a high content of reducing agent and a reducing atmosphere, which is difficult to achieve in real agglomeration processes. Dissociation of rhodochrosite carbonate concentrate and gradual dissociation of dolomitized limestone leads to an increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere. Slag bonds are represented by compounds Mn2SiO4, MnO • Al2O3, Mg2SiO4, CaO • MgO • SiO2, 2CaO • SiO2. Thermodynamic calculations show that at moderate temperatures, compounds such as calcium ferrites are not formed, which is likely for the interaction between basic flux oxides and manganese oxides. Scientific novelty. Studies have shown that CaO does not completely convert to a slag bond, and even with a basicity of order 1, there is undigested lime. White spots are formed in the structure of the finished agglomerate. Such an agglomerate during transportation and storage loses strength and a large amount of trifles is formed..
doi:10.34185/tpm.2.2020.04 fatcat:iy6qpzuy25ho5agh5bhhznpfb4