Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik From an adhesive to a brittle delamination model in thermo-visco-elasticity

Riccarda Rossi, Marita Thomas
2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. 35K85, 47J20, 49J45, 49S05, 74F07   unpublished
We address the analysis of a model for brittle delamination of two visco-elastic bodies, bonded along a prescribed surface. The model also encompasses thermal effects in the bulk. The related PDE system for the displacements, the absolute temperature, and the delamination variable has a highly nonlinear character. On the contact surface, it features frictionless Signorini conditions and a nonconvex, brittle constraint acting as a transmission condition for the displacements. We prove the
more » ... ce of (weak/energetic) solutions to the associated Cauchy problem, by approximating it in two steps with suitably regularized problems. We perform the two consecutive passages to the limit via refined variational convergence techniques.