A Generic User Interface Architecture for Analyzing Use Hazards in Infusion Pump Software

Paolo Masci, Yi Zhang, Paul Jones, Harold Thimbleby, Paul Curzon
This paper presents a generic infusion pump user interface (GIP-UI) architecture that intends to capture the common characteristics and functionalities of interactive software incorporated in broad classes of infusion pumps. It is designed to facilitate the identification of use hazards and their causes in infusion pump designs. This architecture constitutes our first effort at establishing a model-based risk analysis methodology that helps manufacturers identify and mitigate use hazards in
more » ... use hazards in their products at early stages of the development life-cycle. The applicability of the GIP-UI architecture has been confirmed in a hazard analysis focusing on the number entry software of existing infusion pumps, in which the GIP-UI architecture is used to identify a substantial set of user interface design errors that may contribute to use hazards found in infusion pump incidents.