An outline of main engine handling of tuna longliner during hauling work : (II) Arrayal order in a series of engine handlings
マグロ延縄揚縄作業中の主機関運転状況 : (II)次々に行なわれる運転動作の間にみられる相互関連性(日本航海学会第38回講演会)

M. Nishino, H. Maeda, S. Minami
1968 The Journal of the Nautical Society of Japan  
Du 加 g hauling work of tuna longliner , the speed of main engine is changed very fre − quently , The previous report 〔 1〕 showed an out1 血 e of frequencies a 益 d spells of propulsions and stops and their − relations to catch and wind .
doi:10.9749/jina.39.0_174 fatcat:hhkrkmhm7rajpiakjqfut5tqfe