Dexter Rule, Presumption of Innocence, and the Presumption of Guilt

Seyed Hosseini, Farnaz Roumani, Seyed Hosseini
2016 Iranian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research UCT. J. Soc. Scien. Human. Resear   unpublished
Presumption of innocence criminal is unlike what commonly expressed by the originality of innocence juridical aspects and impacts are different in nature and conduit. Frequently used legal presumption of innocence in civil matters and private rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran is also entered in criminal matters, however, we face essentially the presumption of innocence in the constitution, and the Code of Criminal Procedure is in 2013 expressly to identify them. Although the offenses
more » ... c or assuming culpability presumption has faced his third famous rule of the right hand.