Tribological characteristics of enamel-dental material contacts investigated in vitro

Sylwia Wojda, Bogusława Szoka, Eugeniusz Sajewicz
2015 Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics  
The aim of this study was to investigate wear and friction behaviour of tooth enamel against selected dental restorative materials. The experimental material was obtained under simulated mastication, during which human tooth enamel was sub- jected to friction and wear in contact with composite dental materials: Estelite Sigma and FulFil Extra. The results have shown that the enamel's resistance to tribological wear is significantly higher than the resistance of the dental materials tested. The
more » ... icroscopic observations of the sample surfaces subsequent to the tribological research as well as the analysis of the chemical composition of the surface layer confirm the existence of diverse tribological wear mechanisms dependent on the type of dental materials used. Composite materials such as Estellite Sigma and FulFil Extra are characterized by greater resistance to wear and are less destructive to enamel than the material investigated by the authors earlier. It has also been stated that the spherical shape of the filler particles (Estellite Sigma) has a beneficial effect in reducing enamel wear.
pmid:25952294 fatcat:ylbwzamxbvbgretlujp2ivitti