Essential cryoglobulinemic vasculitis with the development of mesenteric vascular thrombosis and intestinal gangrene
Éssentsial'nyĭ krioglobulinemicheskiĭ vaskulit s razvitiem tromboza mezenterial'nykh sosudov i gangreny kishki

L O Severgina, V V Studennikova, S G Radenska-Lopovok, E A Kogan, P I Novikov, I A Korovin
2018 Arkhiv patologii  
The paper describes a case of essential cryoglobulinemia unassociated with hepatitis B and C viruses. The morphological substrate of the disease was exclusively proliferative endothrombovasculitis without destructive changes in the walls of affected vessels. In addition, in the late stage of the disease, there was its unusual manifestation associated with inflammation of the mesentery arteriolar walls and with the formation of occlusive blood clots in their lumens, which led to severe abdominal
more » ... diseases. The female patient showed a mosaic involvement of the loops of the bowel in the necrotic process as its separate segments, which was associated with damage to a large number of small vessels. The feature of the case is a set of 4 risk factors for a fatal disease outcome, such as age over 65 years, pulmonary, renal, and intestinal lesions.
doi:10.17116/patol20188005140 pmid:30335059 fatcat:opyqhrdmujgyxgphdvm5uxesfm