Comparison of Effects of Neck Stretching and Neck Stabilisation Exercises on Pain and Disability in Non Specific Chronic neck Pain

PT Richa Suri, Unaise Abdul Hameed
2018 Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy  
Neck pain is frequently complained by workers with static neck position. Complaints accompanied by discomfort around the neck muscles without any sensory disturbances or radiating pain, without specific causes such as history of neck trauma, neck malignancy or anatomical structural abnormalities. The samples were taken from carving students of Swadhyaya Middle School Badung. We evaluated 18 students divided into 2 groups: one with isometric neck stretches and another with isotonic neck
more » ... tonic neck stretches, 9 subjects each. The paired t-test found the number of decrease in NPRS in the isometric group was greater than isotonic group and the difference was statistically significant. The results of the unpaired student t-test obtained a mean decrease in NPRS in the isometric group greater than isotonic with a value of P = 0.00 (p <0.01). Creatine kinase levels in the isometric group showed no significant difference, whereas creatine kinase levels in the isotonic group showed that the increase was not significantly different, the results of the independent student t test showed values not significantly different from the isometric and isotonic groups with the intention of p = 0.284 (p> 0.01). These results indicate isometric stretching is more effective in reducing the scale of NPRS pain in non-specific neck pain compared to isotonic stretches, isometric and isotonic stretching techniques are equally less effective in reducing creatine kinase levels.
doi:10.5958/0973-5674.2018.00043.6 fatcat:tuke5y4rkjhcpkkklq5ynbuyam