Substrate Temperature Effect on the Structural and Optical Properties of Znse Thin Films

M R A Bhuiyan, M A H Miah, J Begum
2012 Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences  
Zinc selenide (ZnSe) thin films were deposited on to chemically and ultrasonically cleaned glass substrates at different substrate temperatures from room temperature to 200C keeping the thickness fixed at 300 nm by using thermal evaporation method in vacuum. The structural properties of the films were ascertained by X-ray diffraction (XRD) method utilizing a diffractometer. The optical properties were measured in the photon wavelength ranging between 300 and 2500 nm by using a UV-VIS-NIR
more » ... ophotometer. The XRD patterns reveal that the films were polycrystalline in nature exhibiting f.c.c zincblende structure with average lattice parameter, a = 5.6873Å. The grain size, strain and dislocation densities of the films have been calculated. The optical transmittance and reflectance were utilized to compute the absorption coefficient, band gap energy and refractive index of the films. The band gap energy of the films was extracted from the absorption spectra. The direct band gap energy of the films slightly increases with substrate temperature.
doi:10.3329/jbas.v36i2.12969 fatcat:bxrp5b3fzvfqtmn7nis5e4sbwq