Integration of RTPG and Activity Driven fine grained CG using Stack approach

A Narayana, K Naveen Kumar
2017 International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications (IJLERA)   unpublished
In Integrated circuits a gargantuan portion of chip power is expended by clocking system which comprises of timing elements such as flipflops, latches and clock distribution network. This paper enumerates power efficient design of shift registers using D flipflops along with Clock and Power gating integration. Clock gating and power gating proves to be very effective solutions for reducing dynamic and active leakage power respectively. The two techniques are coupled in such a way that the clock
more » ... gating information is used to drive the control signal of power-gating circuitry. In this paper, an activity driven fine-grained clock and power gating is proposed. First, a technique named Optimized Bus-Specific-Clock-Gating (OBSC) is introduced which reduces the problem of gated flipflop selection by appropriate selection of subset of flipflops. Then another technique named Run Time Power Gating (RTPG) is proposed for power gating the combinational logics performing redundant operations. The proposed shift registers are designed up to the layout level with 1V Power supply in 0.18um technology and simulated using microwind simulations for different clock frequencies and the performance of the shift registers are evaluated by observing the average power.