Axiological grounds for a prospective engineer training

Elena I. Soboleva
2020 Samara Journal of Science  
Abstract. The paper substantiates the urgency of the problem of an engineers personality development in the process of vocational training, which harmoniously combines the interests of technology and the environment. The author proposes development of a moral personality within the framework of technical education as one of the ways to solve this problem. The paper contains evidence of the relationship between the development of technological progress and a persons professional moral
more » ... al moral development in the process of education. The author proves that spiritual culture is closely connected with the creation of objects of material culture by technical specialists, that introducing prospective engineers to moral values gives them an opportunity to control the world of technology without devastating consequences for the outside world. The paper also contains evidence that a technique created by human hands can subsequently live its own life, but falling into the hands of an immoral specialist, it can be used for evil purposes, which causes disasters. The author reveals specifics of moral values as conscious meanings that determine a persons relationship to the world, to people and to himself, as well as the place of relations in a moral culture and in a persons technical culture is shown. It is proved that values are integral components of technical education, embodying the ideals and ideas about the standard not only of a highly qualified specialist, but also of a moral person (a standard of moral engineer). The ratio of moral values and values that are fundamental to the technical specialist is determined. Specific values are identified that determine technical and moral unity in the engineers training: responsibility, truth, justice and freedom. The essence of the moral component of the prospective engineers professional training is revealed. In the process of such training, the technocratic thinking developed by the old school is a thing of the past, while the engineers personality that is morally sustained, tolerant and able to bear social responsibility is developed.
doi:10.17816/snv202313 fatcat:qe4zzv6p7vfixouzyur5i73cti