Process intensification by integration of distillation and vapor permeation or pervaporation - an academic and industrial perspective

Shun Liu, Hong Li, Bettina Kruber, Mirko Skiborowski, Xin Gao, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek
Since membrane separations, such as vapor permeation (VP) or pervaporation (PV), are not limited by vapor-liquid equilibrium, their coupling with distillation can exert a synergistic effect, overcome the thermodynamic limits of distillation, and improve energy efficiency, especially suitable for the separation of azeotropic mixtures that otherwise requires special distillation processes. Therefore, there is an increasing number of such studies, and it is of great significance to comprehensively
more » ... explore the process integration of distillation with VP or PV. This review first introduces the mechanism model of membrane separation and membrane materials, then comprehensively summarizes the academic research in terms of hybrid configurations of distillation with VP or PV in the following aspects: separation of azeotropic or close-boiling mixtures, promoting reactions by selectively removing a product, and energy savings, providing guidelines for subsequent application and future research. Finally, this review gives typical industrial cases of distillation and membrane-coupled separation processes and highlights some deficiencies of current research in this area.
doi:10.15480/882.4530 fatcat:tlm2cm2czzhf5nmy2zv5aojcxu