Long non-coding RNA gene regulation and trait associations across human tissues [article]

Olivia M. de Goede, Nicole M. Ferraro, Daniel C. Nachun, Abhiram Rao, François Aguet, Alvaro N. Barbeira, Stephane E Castel, Sarah Kim-Hellmuth, YoSon Park, Alexandra J. Scott, Benjamin J. Strober, Christopher D. Brown (+10 others)
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) genes are known to have diverse impacts on gene regulation. However, it is still a major challenge to distinguish functional lncRNAs from those that are byproducts of surrounding transcriptional activity. To systematically identify hallmarks of biological function, we used the GTEx v8 data to profile the expression, regulation, network relationships and trait associations of lncRNA genes across 49 tissues encompassing 87 distinct traits. In addition to revealing
more » ... on to revealing widespread differences in regulatory patterns between lncRNA and protein-coding genes, we identified novel disease-associated lncRNAs, such as C6orf3 for psoriasis and LINC01475/RP11-129J12.1 for ulcerative colitis. This work provides a comprehensive resource to interrogate lncRNA genes of interest and annotate cell type and human trait relevance.
doi:10.1101/793091 fatcat:diepdlfutne2hco7awzhywufvq