Lakhan D. Baheti*, Aditya R. Pachghare
2021 Zenodo  
Computer aided drug development (CADD) comprises of a broad range of theoretical and computational approaches, CADD method have a major role in modern drug discovery, design and development that plays a major part in clinical use and clinical trials .it also highlights the current trends and methods used in development of novel methods i.e. computer aided repurposing and emerging concepts and technologies in molecular modeling and chemo informatics. In this once the drug molecule is
more » ... elected it is processed for development. In which different parameters of lead compound are assessed on basis of vitro assay (experimental analysis), vivo model (animal studies) and silicon approach (software based). From the last decade incremental developments in R&D processes, the selection of tools for optimizing the functionality and viability has become the important factor in early drug development and is said to be the key for development of effective therapeutic agents. Drug design is important part of drug development, identification of active components in natural products gives lead compounds for development into drug. The current process of High Throughput Screening (HTS) through wet chemistry or in silicon is reviewed. The development of drug through protein engineering is used for antibody drug conjugates to improve specificity. HTS has the capacity to profile thousands of chemical concentrations response formats with reduce rate of false positive and false negative, therefore from last decade it used for compound libraries screening. Titration based quantitative screening is used for toxicology.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5636093 fatcat:4szxnq5mb5gibpvsd4q5r5sxey